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Guns and Accessories For Sale or Trade

This forum is a service to its members. In order to provide a great overall experience, please follow the rules below.

First and foremost... It is the responsibility of both parties of any transaction to know and comply with all applicable laws and regulations. This forum is a service to the members, NJGF does not receive anything from any of the posts here, thus it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to know the laws. "I didn't know" doesn't cut it.

As far as the rules for posting here...

1. All posts must begin with WTS, WTT, or WTB. If your ad does not start with one of these abbreviations it will be deleted without warning.

2. All ads must contain a full description of product. Please include the most trivial of details. Do not assume that everyone knows what you are talking about. This is not an auction site. A sales price must be included in a WTS ad. And if possible please include a picture.

3. Only Premier Members are allowed to post ads. Any posts made by newly registered posters, or obvious trolls, will be deleted without warning. If you believe that your marketplace listing would add to the forum, please send a message to a moderator or admin to get approval.

4. No selling for anyone else. No listing weapons that your dad, brother, friend are trying to get rid of.

5. If the item is no longer available, please update the post. SPF doesn't mean SOLD. Once a item is sold the post will be locked for a month or so, then deleted. It is your responsibility to create interest. Please keep your ad fresh. All unbumped ads over two months old will be deleted without warning.

6. Do not post in the ad if you have no interest in the item. Unnecessary chatter will not be tolerated. Do not bump ads for "nice guys" or "sweet rifles". This is a very social site with the appropriate forums for yakking it up. The MarketPlace is not a social forum. If you have a legitimate question, then by all means ask it. All unnecessary posts will be deleted without warning.

7. There is a Feedback forum. Use it! Good or bad, let us know.

8. Lastly... don't be a douche. Honor your commitments. Posted Image

9. Any questionable items will be deleted at once. We do realize that there is alot of grey area, anything that seems questionable, will not be tolerated in this section.

10. Effective immediately, members must have at least 50 posts, or have been a member of the site for a period of 1 year, before they are able to list an item for sale. Any effort to subvert this rule by making nonsense posts will result in a temporary ban. Also, keep in mind Rule #3 above, if you feel your ad will benefit the forum, send a PM to a staff member to request permission for your item to be listed.

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